About us

We are a high-tech startup based in Munich, located close to the Bavarian digital highway test field A9. Our unique team has decades of experience in research and product development, specifically in AI and autonomous systems. Our goal is to use this knowledge to help you make that step from cutting-edge research to market ready, future-proof products.

We aim to turn the latest AI research into real-world applications. The exponential improvement in perception and cognition technologies in recent years is only the beginning. Smart and connected products will become more and more dominant. We provide the innovation to ensure that your products will have a leading position in the AI-revolution.

The pace of information exchange is continually accelerating – just being fast is not fast enough where innovation is concerned. The companies who are able to effectively industrialize the development of autonomous systems, will have key positions in future markets. We enable you to be one of these companies, by providing better methods, tools and technologies and solutions.

We combine our know-how in software, AI, architecture design and autonomous systems with your specific domain knowledge in order to solve your challenges. This is achieved through consulting and training, innovation-projects, prototype design, and tool development.

Our understanding of the upcoming AI ecosystem

Business leaders need to understand the tectonic shifts taking place in the realm of artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data, and develop the strategic skills needed to lead enterprises into a rapidly changing future” – Peter McGraw, Director of the Executive MBA program at the University of Technology Sydney

The Munich area is already Europe’s number 1 in ICT and is in the process of building an AI ecosystem, including universities, research institutes, incubators, and high-tech-startups. STTech is one of these, linking top-level research with industrial practice through innovation projects in a product-oriented atmosphere

We are looking for exceptional developers and researchers

We are actively recruiting. We are always looking for talented computer scientists, mathematicians, and system developers. Knowledge, talent and drive are imperative for fast innovation. We are looking for new team members from a variety of backgrounds. If you are interested in joining an innovative, high-tech development team in the Munich area, let us know! Please submit your application to career@sttech.de.